Ruminations. (aka: Masticate This.)


The Title
So, I retired the old title, borrowed from an author and a book that I enjoy/enjoyed, and found something original, cheeky, and more me.

Pretty simply, I wanted to use the word Masticate in the sense of ‘food for thought/chew on this’. And while I ws perusing the thesaurus for synonyms for ‘thought’ that start with M, I came across the word “ruminate” which is both the process of thinking something over, pondering, etc, as well as the process of coughing up some cud for rechewing. (Really, it’s quite an apt word for the former when you think of it’s meaning in the latter sense.)

And I thought – hey! Ruminating! Like cows and llamas and stuff! I love llamas! And masticate still works! Yay!

And hence, the new title was borne of cleverness (so I tell myself) and serendipity (as is usually the case.)

Hey, I’ve warned you before – I am a geek.

The Name
“Lady Bugged.” What, you don’t think it’s clever? I have a thing for ladybugs that goes back a few years. I thought it was clever. Just humour me. 😛

The thing is, I don’t usually go by that handle anyway. I’m not a ‘handle’ type of person. But you’ll have to find out for yourself what my first name is. It’s like a scavenger hunt!

The Girl
A Canadian university student, attempting to obtain a B.Sc. in Microbiology&Immunology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A transplant who’s used to moving (22 times in 19 years), used to saying goodbye, and struggling to learn how to put down roots and hold on to what she’s got.

A girlfriend to a loving, absent-minded, left-handed musician, A, who plays a Taylor acoustic and a really pretty Les Paul electric that I may or may not want to elope with. (The Les Paul that is, not the musician. :P)

Best friend to a few choice people who she’d give her life for.

Daughter to an idealistic perfectionist, that just wants the best for her, if only she’d see that.

Watcher of too many home design and real estate shows on Home and Garden Television.

Reader of world religions and beliefs.

Human being with a big heart and too many flaws.


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