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The Return of Haiku Wednesday!
November 28, 2007, 3:22 pm
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… Microbiology style. Because I am just that amazing. And have a lab exam tomorrow. Yay! Learn with me, folks! You know you want to!

No titles. Just haiku.

E. coli is gram
negative bacteria –
it loses blue dye

S. aureus is
a gram positive species –
it will hold the blue


Streptomyces is
also gram positive, and
it is quite common


Crystal violet:
purple dye used for staining
Gram bacteria

Nigrosin: a dye
Other name: India ink
Negative staining

Safranin, orange
counter stain to the purple
Only negative

Iodine, gram stain
It behaves as a mordant
linking cell and dye

Flagella stain is
A stain made of a mixture
including mordants

Bacteria move
in different ways: vibrate,
or swim, swarm, twitch, stream

Positive Staining:
Stain the bacteria, with
orange and blue

Negative Staining:
Nigrosin stains the background,
providing contrast

Gram stain as follows:
flood, decolourise, then rinse
flood with safranin

Not good with Gram stain?
No worries; Alternative:
Gooey?: Negative

Yeah, alright, I’m done. I’m going back to making flashcards…



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