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I Don’t Know Why I Even Bother, Really
November 20, 2007, 10:01 am
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I managed to get my Chemistry midterm mark back, and I certainly failed, but it’s not worth as much as I thought it was. Conclusion: if I study my butt off for the final, I may still be able to get a half-decent mark for the course – if I ace the final. I’m averaging about 59 right now, if I take both midterms and the first quiz into account, and work in an educated guess about what my lab grade is. When I get my quiz mark from Monday back, it will hopefully up my grade a little…

I think I’ve decided to double major with Anthropology, though. All my electives were going to go that route anyway, so I may as well. It will give me a chance to exercise a part of my brain that is seriously crying out for attention these days. I’m not a purely scientific person – far from it. Part of me is almost tempted to switch to Anthropology and Comparative Religion, and then maybe do something along the lines of archeology. Which would be awesome. But we’ll see what happens. I figure if I double-major the two, I will find out if I really like Anthropology enough to quit Micro. I think it might just go that route. But we will see.

In other news… I turn 20 on Friday. Frightening.


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