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Many, many years ago, women were prescribed tapeworms so they could lose weight. Bet you always wanted to know that.
November 7, 2007, 8:02 pm
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I really don’t know what to write about today, and since I am studying, and cannot really put too much effort into this tonight, I will provide you with some interesting links! About the things that I am studying at the moment!

(Bear in mind that it’s eight o’clock, I just wrote an exam on genetics and molecular biology, and am now trying to cram for an introductory microbiology exam that is tomorrow morning, I’ve caffeinated myself, and I don’t expect to leave the library until around eleven o’clock. My sanity may not be with me on this night.)

Plasmodium vivax! The parasite that causes Malaria!

Giardia lamblia! Good ol’ Beaver Fever!

Taenia saginata! Tapeworms! Woo!

Enterobius vermicularis! Pinworms, baby! The embryonate on your perianum!

Ascaris lumbricoides! A common roundworm in humans about the size of a pen, that can cause bowel blockages!

And finally, Toxocara canis! This is what you get your dog dewormed for, dudes.

Have fun with those.

(And stop trying to tell me wikipedia isn’t a good resource. Everyone knows that everything that Wikipedia says is true!)

(The immune response stuff isn’t as interesting as the parasites, so I won’t subject you to that.)


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