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No day can stay bad when you end it with a superintelligent astrophycisist and his trusty flyboy sidekick saving the universe!
November 5, 2007, 4:14 pm
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I am slowly disappearing under a mountain of cue cards covered in information about things like DNA structure and replication, RNA synthesis, details of experiments done a billion years ago, and definitions for words and phrases like “gyrase”, “polymerase”, “ligase”, and “Multiprotein Origin Recognition Complex” (still not 100% sure what that last one means. Wanna Google it for me?!).

More importantly, I am slowly going crazy. (One, two, three, four, five, six, switch.)

And this is all just for one exam (Genetics and Molecular Biology), and holy crap, I’m not even halfway through it all yet

In about an hour and a half, I’ll be switching subjects to work with a classmate to cover some of the parasite life cycles (remind me to tell you all sometime about how sushi causes bilary cancer, thanks to Clonorchi sinensis) and immune system response stages that we need to have down pat and tucked into our memories for Thursday’s midterm.

And then! When I’ve sufficiently burnt myself out learning about all the most boring (in the case of DNA replication) and disgusting (in the case of parisitology) stuff you could think of at this particular moment in time (if I gave you an unlimited time frame, I have no doubt you’d come back with something more boring [like calculus integrals] or more disgusting [like… the actual consumption of sushi], and really that would just be unfair to the dramatization of this post.)  … hm, I had a sentence here at some point… let’s try that again:

And then! When I’ve sufficiently burnt myself out from all the stuff mentioned above, I get to stroll down three blocks to the bus stop, wait in the nippy cold for twenty minutes for my bus, which will undoubtedly be late, as usual, and then sit on it for a little less than an hour, to the town where my dear Mother will pick me up, and take me home so I can sit down, eat supper, and let my brain melt out of my ears as I watch the new episode of Stargate: Atlantis.

Finally, something to look forward to!

PS: that’s a really long title. Sorry. 😛


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