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Hm, close call
November 2, 2007, 10:23 pm
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My internet went down for a few hours, so while I certainly got some extra studying in (re: midterms), it was a close call as far as NaBloPoMo goes.

So, what to tell you folks today. Would you like to learn about DNA replication? No? I don’t really blame you.

New prof in Genetics today.

Random: there is a ladybug on the ceiling fan. I suppose they are attempting to move inside now that the weather is getting colder.

And it is certainly getting colder. And speaking of weather, tropical storm on its way? Momma and I were supposed to go to the Farmer’s Market tomorrow morning, but a combination of rain from the storm, and the fact that I work Sunday so really need time to study tomorrow, has resulted in a change of plans.

Instead of the market, I will sit at home and drill a thousand pounds of genetics readings into my head, and I will make them stay. Of course I will. And I’ll chase that magical information stuffage with a nice dose of studying for my microbiology test.

Go school! Woo!


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