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Back From the Dead.
October 1, 2007, 7:42 pm
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And by dead, I just mean absent. Because they are so obviously the same thing and all.

School is in full swing! I’m cramming lots of smart-person-type things into my head, and doing inane, useless laboratory exercises, I had a quiz in Organic Chemistry this morning, and heck, I even have midterms to look forward to next week! (Two next Wednesday, and one the Tuesday after that, for those of you with a burning desire to know.)

And then, only a month after those are done, a week or so into November, the next set of Midterms rolls around. Woo! And then! In December… Final exams!

(And to think – I pay for this. Actually, I’ve gone into massive debt for this! Am I crazy?)

And as if I didn’t have enough on my plate with the next three months being dominated by studying and tests and quizzes and exams and work, two friends from school and I have started up a student society! Because we’re just that desperate to find something to do. Obviously.

Dalhousie Pagans was officially ratified yesterday, and I am now officially an executive of something. Isn’t that grand? I am charged with putting together the website. Because I have so much time left over after reading 80 pages of Genetics and Organic Chemistry textbooks, that I volunteer myself to code HTML for a couple hours, too!

Oh, yeah… and I signed up for National Blog Posting Month, too. Because I just hate myself that much!

(To be honest, I felt like such a loser about not joining National Novel Writing Month this year, that I had to do something!)

So, when I keel over and die in the middle of November, just remember, at least I led a full life. Or at least, I had a full to-do list at all times!


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life’s so tough eh?
I’m sure our little brother could do something to help you with that HTML no?

I’m just commenting for the sake of… 😛 hi.

Comment by milandm

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