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Seek, And You Shall Find…
August 22, 2007, 12:12 am
Filed under: being a grownup, work

Or, you know. Don’t seek at all, and let it just fall into your lap.

As you probably aren’t aware, I work in the food service industry. More specifically, I am a Sandwich Artist. No, seriously. Sandwich making is an art form, what are you talking about? Yeah, every university student’s dream, I’m sure. Maybe I could write a research paper on that cold cut that turned green…

But I digress…

The thing is, I put my notice in for August the 31st as my last day, because hey – I have school starting soon! Four classes, three with labs, and each lab has it’s own homework on top of class homework and I don’t really have time to work, and mostly it’s all just excuses to quit Subway because I hate food service with a passion that burns with the fire of a thousand setting suns.

Not that I’m melodramatic or anything. Not at all…

So, my mother and my grandmother and I decided to go to Dartmouth today so my mum could buy herself a half decent bra and so my grandmother could get out of the house a bit. She’s visiting from Toronto for six weeks (her flight home is on September 11th. Oooooh, spooooky. Sorry. I’ll stop.) and since we live out in the boonie (sort of) poor Oma is feeling all cooped up. The woman is 82 and walks a couple kilometers a day. If she’s not riding her bicycle. With osteoporosis. In her nightgown, uphill, both ways, in ten feet of snow and sleet! (Well, maybe the last part isn’t so true, but the walking and the bicycling parts are.)

So we are at the mall. Buying bras. And getting Oma’s camera fixed (the battery was dead) and I managed to steel myself against going into the Lush store because the gods know once I go in it’ll be decades before I come back out.

Unfortunately, I somehow managed up in Bombay. Or. You know. Fortunately, as the case may be.

I was busy drooling over this beautiful bed they have on sale for three hundred and fifty bucks for a queen sized frame! and expounding it’s delights to my mother and my grandmother… and the next thing I know I’m being offered a job interview tomorrow at 2:15pm.

There may have been a “hiring: part time” sign, a mention of the fact that I’m available Tuesdays (sort of) and the rest of the students working for her seem to need Tuesdays off, as well as a mention of the fact that smelling like Subway whenever I get home from work is starting to make me a little bit crazy, and maybe one Papa Burger too many involved (2 for six bucks, man! How can you go wrong? Besides the copious amount of fake beef, mayonnaise, and ketchup involved, that is…).

Either way I have a job interview for a job that is so my style and there’s a bus straight from campus to there and oh yeah, one more thing…

If I get the job, my dear, darling, lovely mother will buy the bed frame for me and let me work it off with my paycheques.

Icing on the cake, my dears, chocolate icing on that big, whipped cream filled, cherry topped, devil’s food cake. Yay!


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