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And Moore Strikes Again
August 9, 2007, 9:01 am
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I watched SiCKO with my mother and younger brothers last night. Hooooo, boy…

I’m willing to hedge my bets that most of the people who are going to stumble across this post (while I admit are likely to be few) will be American. Maybe I’m wrong, but considering the blogs that I tend to comment on are American and mostly read by Americans, I figure I’m right. In this case, the following post is not meant to be offensive.

It is merely a 19 year old Social Democrat trying to figure something out. So without further adieu…

I have to ask you – How can you let yourselves, as a people – as a strong, resilient, take-no-bullshit people -, take that bullshit?! The majority of you can’t be that scared of those damn commies that you think socialized health care is such a bad thing. It’s better than what you’re dealing with now!

And I’m not saying Canada all golden rainbows and butterflies with it’s healthcare system. As far as socialized healthcare goes, Canada pretty much blows. We still pay through the nose for dental and optometry and psychology and psychiatry or anything that’s not considered life-threatening… and maybe we have to wait for hours in the emergency room (the people Moore talked to in the Canadian ERs were lucky. I know some people who’ve had to wait for up to three hours)… but at least it’s not going to cost us our entire life savings to get a life-saving operation that’s needed. All it’ll cost us is whatever it costs to get to the place where the operation is taking place.

We still need health insurance. Drugs can get pretty expensive. My university health insurance is the only reason I could afford the drugs for my shingles earlier this year(we won’t go there for now.). But I was seen by the doctor, diagnosed, and got my prescription all for free. And sometimes they’ll give free samples! Woo! Free drugs!

Most dental work (unless it’s like, a tooth, impacted into the brain, I guess) isn’t covered, because it’s not considered life-threatening, and the same with the other stuff I mentioned up there, so it’s hard to get glasses or dentures or whatever. Dentists make a lot of money up here, dudes.

But honestly. How can you stand to be the only first world country where most of the population has no access to the healthcare they need? How can you stand the fact that Cuba has a more effective healthcare system, where drugs cost 5 cents, than you guys? Don’t you see something wrong with this picture?!

(I want to visit Cuba. A friend of mine went and said it’s awesome there and the people are great.)

I think I’m going to move to France – their healthcare and family support are ridiculously amazing. One of my best friends, D, thinks it’s a bad idea because of the political situation over there. Meh. Canadians are too lethargic, in my opinion. We need more people like those french activists. And I can’t remember who in the film said it, but s/he was right – people in europe aren’t afraid of their government, the government is afraid of them (with good reason. those people have revolutions right, left, and center). People in the states seem to be too afraid of their government to insight a change (what’s their to be afraid of? Bush is an idiot – impeach him. Or don’t since his term’s almost up. Elect a Democrat.) Or they’re too afraid of the big companies or whoever it is in power. (Canadians are just too lethargic to make a change when one is needed. It’s not that we’re scared of the government – believe me, Stephen Harper is nothing to be afraid of – we just are too damn lazy (as a people, not me personally) to care enough.)

I should see if Spain’s similar to France in these matters. Europe sounds like a good plan at this point. A really good plan.


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