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Knit two, purl two, knit… oh, damn, I lost a stitch…
August 30, 2007, 10:36 am
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Knitting and I have a past. Every year, usually around September or October, I ask my mother to teach me how to knit. Every year she casts on for me and gets me going and I start knitting a scarf. Every year I lose interest, and never finish the scarf and promptly forget how to knit.

Two years ago I actually finished one! It was a Yule present for A, and my step-father’s sister-in-law helped me knit a matching hat. They’re actually quite nice, if a little plain and scritchy, thanks to cheap yarn.

Last year there was no knitting, but last year was weird on all counts because it was my first year of University and I was mostly stressed out over exams. But this year I am ready to go! I have discovered the wonder that is knitting patterns that are way cooler than scarves, and so I am setting out again!

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Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself (And a Bunch of Other Stuff, Too)
August 23, 2007, 12:12 am
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I’ve reached a point where I’m willing to say I’m scared. (I’m not yet willing to admit it to anyone but A, but we won’t go into my self-representation issues right now.)

I am honest and truly out of my mind scared shitless.

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Seek, And You Shall Find…
August 22, 2007, 12:12 am
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Or, you know. Don’t seek at all, and let it just fall into your lap.

As you probably aren’t aware, I work in the food service industry. More specifically, I am a Sandwich Artist. No, seriously. Sandwich making is an art form, what are you talking about? Yeah, every university student’s dream, I’m sure. Maybe I could write a research paper on that cold cut that turned green…

But I digress…

The thing is, I put my notice in for August the 31st as my last day, because hey – I have school starting soon! Four classes, three with labs, and each lab has it’s own homework on top of class homework and I don’t really have time to work, and mostly it’s all just excuses to quit Subway because I hate food service with a passion that burns with the fire of a thousand setting suns.

Not that I’m melodramatic or anything. Not at all…

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Me? Demanding? Never!
August 20, 2007, 1:43 pm
Filed under: relationships

Sometimes I worry that I am too demanding.

I mean, I know that I can be pushy, bitchy, controlling, and mean – just ask my mother, or any other member of my immediate family – but I like to think that when it comes to A and I, I am respectful, understanding, and patient.

(Well, a girl can pretend, can’t she?)

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And Moore Strikes Again
August 9, 2007, 9:01 am
Filed under: issues

I watched SiCKO with my mother and younger brothers last night. Hooooo, boy…

I’m willing to hedge my bets that most of the people who are going to stumble across this post (while I admit are likely to be few) will be American. Maybe I’m wrong, but considering the blogs that I tend to comment on are American and mostly read by Americans, I figure I’m right. In this case, the following post is not meant to be offensive.

It is merely a 19 year old Social Democrat trying to figure something out. So without further adieu…

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Haiku Wednesday
August 8, 2007, 10:21 am
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I’ve decided to bring in a regular post; one that will (with any luck) give the creative half of my brain (the left side?) some juice. I haven’t been writing poetry or stories lately, something I used to do all the time, and it’s really time I get back into it. I’m a firm believer in the idea that people need balance in their lives, and I don’t want to become one of those scientists who doesn’t exercise the verbose, creative, writer-y side of their mind.

So, I introduce to you, Haiku Wednesdays! In which I will bring to you a few haikus, not necessarily relating to each other or having anything to do with anything important, besides getting my brain working on a level that doesn’t involve biochemistry homework.

Although, I warn you – chances are school topics will creep in as content. I can’t help that – I’m a geek by nature.

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The End of the Honeymoon Period
August 2, 2007, 9:10 am
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Every relationship has one of these, or so I’m told. The first little while where everything just seems so perfect and there’s just nothing at all wrong with your partner and there’s just nobody else on this whole planet who could possibly complete you the way this person does.

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